The new iubble web browser

discover, organize, and share content

iubble is a new web browser that makes it easy to discover, organize, and share content, all from within your browser. It's all extremely visual, intuitive, fast, and safe. It's available for all major platforms, for free.


The most advanced browser ever

You'll fall in love with our awesome features



We've made the process of searching, browsing, bookmarking, and sharing extremely easy and visual.



Ever needed to send a few webpages to a somebody for a group project, business presentation, or even just for fun? Now you don't need to copy and paste links into email or chat: just drag your tab into our built-in messenger, and they'll get it instantly.



The old way of bookmarking doesn't work; people either don't use it, or use it so much that everything gets disorganized. We fixed this by introducing a new type of visual bookmarking.



Download our app for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android to stay connected across all your devices.



A state of the art rendering engine, multi-process archtechture, and lightweight interface makes iubble ridiculously fast and responsive.



iubble has automatic ad-blocking, updates, and anti-malware protection.



Thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence, iubble gets better as you use it.

Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is iubble?

iubble is a brand new web browser. Like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, we bring you to the internet. But unlike the others, we take it a few steps farther. Instead of just bringing you to the internet, we become your internet tour guide.

Why is it called 'iubble'?

When we first started iubble, a big theme was "bubbles". So we named it 'iubble', short for 'internet bubble"

What's so special about iubble?

iubble makes it easy to discover, organize and share content in a visual, intuitive interface. We provide a visual way to discover information on the internet, a new and creative system to save and organize it, and a seamless method to share it with your friends. No more disorganized bookmarks, and no more emailing webpage links to eachother.

Do you have to pay for it?

Nope! It's all yours, all for free.

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